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Many foreign students in China were encouraged by the report General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered at the start of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

More than 300 students from members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, as well as countries participating in the Belt and Road Initiative, watched the live broadcast of the opening at Guizhou Minzu University on Wednesday.

They were especially pleased when Xi said that China "will not close its door to the world, and we will only become more open".

Students from 18 countries dressed in their local garb were inspired when Xi stressed the importance of both "bringing in" and "going global", and called on the country "to pursue the Belt and Road Initiative as a priority".

"Openness brings progress, while self-seclusion leaves one behind," Xi said in the report to the congress.

Vietnamese student Nguyen Phucng Thao, who is studying radio and television editing, was inspired by Xi"s report, which she said gives a wider range of opportunities for her future career as a bilingual journalist.

"With the high-speed railway between China and Southeast Asian countries being constructed under the Belt and Road Initiative, it will be much more convenient to come and do reporting in China," she said.

Karki Sajana, a business administration major who comes from Nepal and has studied at the university in Guizhou province for more than a year, said she has paid special attention to China"s soaring development and advanced technologies in agriculture because her nation is a predominantly agricultural society.

"When I return home I"d like to reach out more to farming technology to make contributions to Nepal"s agricultural development. We have so much to learn from China," she said.

Xia Jingang, dean of the university"s international education college, said most of the students who watched Xi"s live report come from ASEAN countries, which have a tight connection with China.

"Watching the opening session enables them to have a deeper understanding of China and its attitude toward the world," Xia said. "We hope their participation in one of the most important meetings in China can help reinforce their cultural identity and sense of belonging in China."

Xaychalern Kongken of Laos said he will return home to teach at a college after graduation.

"I hope my students will see an energetic and friendly China through my experiences and will come to China to study," he said.

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